Video of Najib's Son - Womanizing and Alcohol Abuse

The sons of Tan Sri Najib (Prime Minister of Msia) and Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz womanizing and drinking to their hearts delight, while other muslims would have been jailed and beaten up by police or Islam enforcing khalwat officers.

They didn't seem too scandalous to be shown here but it turns out they do show some illegal activities going on by the sons of well-heeled people. These pictures show the son of Nazri Aziz and the son of Seri Najib enjoying themselves womanising and boozing it up.

These men are the sons of big time politicians in Malaysia. The Najib guy seem to be drunk most of the time but that Anak Nazri dude seem like he is constantly after a come. Muslim laws in the country seem to apply differently for different classes of people.

Seriously, I do think alcohol and womanising is strictly prohibited under Islamic Shariah laws, and Malaysia proclaimed itself to be an Islamic country, probably to gain votes. Luckily these guys are rich and politically connected so bring on the sluts and the wine.



  1. there is nothin to be proud of becoming a son of a prime minister if this boy has NO VALUE.these kids are just screwed (of becoming the third gen). cant compete. cant even be a leader. lol..the first generation built wealth, the second generation maintain the wealth, while the third generation is destroying the wealth.

  2. lol he was in my class

  3. just because he takes pictures with girls doesn't make him a womanizer.

    you guys are fools and hipocrites. trying to say other people bad so that people think you are considered good. the world is not stupid!!

  4. Are you sure this guy is not a GAY,I know the real secret behind him